Portree Bay 1930s


Skye Roots offers a unique, highly personal yet affordable research service. Whether seeking to expand your understanding of your own family tree, or that of a friend or relative, Skye Roots has the expertise to delve deep into history and furnish you with a personal and fascinating report. Research covers all Skye parishes, with particular emphasis on the Trotternish peninsula (the parishes of Portree, Snizort, Kilmuir and Stenscholl) and the Islands of Raasay and Rona.

The Skye Roots database now has over 20,000 family charts to which information is continually being added. Because written records before 1855 are patchy and there are other challenges to overcome – such as, many people with the same names, large scale movements of families and variations on place names, to mention only three – Norma cross-checks every detail. Contradictory or dubious information is highlighted. This approach allows Norma to give the version that she concludes is correct, with reasons for her conclusions, in her report.

From an initial query through to a search and report, Skye Roots service is personal and second-to-none. The usual starting point is a search to trace back on the main line of a family tree and would typically cost £75. However, as no two searches are the same the scope of the search and the fee will be agreed in advance.

Your report will include details of information found and the sources upon which the report is based, as well as some relevant historical / geographical background. You can also request a chart of your tree, which often helps to clarify the details given in the report. The report is emailed on receipt of the agreed fee. If, during a search, information dries up the search is stopped and the fee adjusted accordingly.

If you are considering a visit to the Isle of Skye, Skye Roots research can be particularly rewarding. You would be able to use the information found to plan and make the most of your time on the island, visiting all of the places that hold special significance for your family. Please allow plenty of time (about a year in advance) for the research to be carried out.