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Emigration from Skye and Raasay has scattered islanders to all corners of the world.

During the late 18th and the 19th century, periodic waves of emigration caused by various events took people abroad, particularly to North America, Australia and New Zealand. Although whole families emigrated, they did not necessarily all leave together on the same ship. In most cases, however, people first settled with others who had emigrated at the same time as them or in areas where family or friends were already established.

Skye Roots is gathering information about Skye-born people who moved away from the island to elsewhere in the UK or abroad. The aim of this ambitious, long-term undertaking is to identify and trace the people and families who left. As this part of the Skye Roots database grows, it could lead to a better understanding of Skye’s history, and may be thought of as Skye’s history ‘coming home’.

Information from descendants of these emigrants might include – names and dates of birth / where and when they went / the ship on which they emigrated / who they married / parents’ names from their death records / and any other interesting details about their lives. It is all added to the Skye Roots database. It can, and has, been used to link branches of families abroad that had lost touch over the years.

A search for your emigrant family would look for all possible records of those people before they left Skye.